The Code of the Universe


Open questions

Open questions Cern hosts a complex of particle accelerators, including the large hadron collider (LHC), the largest and most powerful accelerator in the world. At the Laboratory, scientists probe the structure of the Universe, studying the fundamental constituents of matter […]

What is the universe made of?

What is the universe made of? Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was thought that the world was made up of indivisible building blocks, known as atoms.  However, it was soon realised that atoms are themselves composed of […]

What is CERN?

  What is CERN? </h2 > The european organization for nuclear research (CERN) is an international research laboratory founded in 1954. Located near Geneva, straddling the Swiss and French borders, it is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. […]

Understanding our universe

Understanding our universe Particle physics and astrophysics study the laws of our Universe. Astrophysicists use telescopes to look at distant galaxies and particle physicists use accelerators to experimentally replicate conditions similar to those at the beginning of the Universe. PHOTO For […]