The Code of the Universe

The importance Switzerland places on fundamental research is obvious in the current design of the 200-franc note, which includes the depiction of a particle collision in the large accelerator at CERN. CERN’s research into elementary particles is closely linked to the early stages of the universe, which appear on the other side of the banknote. Hundreds of researchers from all over Switzerland are involved in projects at CERN, including around 50 from ETH Zurich. Günther Dissertori, Rector of ETH Zurich, has worked at CERN for many years and helped advise the Swiss National Bank on the note’s design.


Picture of a 200 CHF banknote.


Since its launch in 2018, the 200-franc note has been an emblem of Swiss excellence in science. The illustration of a particle collision in the detector reflects the importance of particle physics for Swiss research.